Camera Stand VCT 860

KSh 12,000

The CAMERA STAND VCT 860 is a versatile and adjustable tripod designed to securely hold cameras for photography and videography purposes. It typically features a sturdy build with extendable legs and a central column that can be adjusted to various heights. The tripod often includes a quick-release plate mechanism for easy attachment and detachment of the camera. It provides stability and support for capturing steady shots, even in challenging environments. The VCT 860 may also come with additional features such as a fluid head for smooth panning and tilting motions, as well as adjustable locking mechanisms to customize angles and positions. This stand is favored by photographers and videographers for its reliability and flexibility in capturing high-quality images and videos.

Camera Stand VCT 860

KSh 12,000

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Camera Stand VCT 860

The Camera Stand VCT 860 is a professional-grade tripod designed to provide stability and versatility for photographers and videographers in various shooting environments. Crafted from durable materials like aluminum or carbon fiber, this stand offers a sturdy and reliable support system for cameras of different sizes and weights.

Featuring a robust construction, the VCT 860 tripod boasts extendable legs with adjustable height settings, allowing users to achieve the desired shooting angle and elevation. The legs typically feature quick-release locks or twist-lock mechanisms, enabling swift and hassle-free setup and breakdown.

One of the standout features of the VCT 860 is its fluid pan-and-tilt head, which provides smooth and precise camera movements for capturing dynamic shots. Equipped with adjustable friction control, the head allows for customized resistance levels, ensuring steady panning and tilting motions while filming or taking photos.

Furthermore, the tripod head often includes a detachable quick-release plate, facilitating fast attachment and detachment of the camera. This feature is particularly useful for photographers and videographers who need to switch between handheld and tripod-mounted shooting setups efficiently.

The VCT 860 tripod is designed with versatility in mind, featuring a variety of mounting options and accessories. It may come with a built-in level indicator to assist with aligning the camera, as well as interchangeable mounting plates to accommodate different types of cameras and lenses.

For added convenience, the tripod is often equipped with retractable spiked feet for enhanced stability on uneven terrain, as well as rubberized non-slip feet for use on smooth surfaces. Some models may also include a center column hook for hanging additional weight, providing further stability in windy conditions.

In terms of portability, the VCT 860 tripod is typically designed to be lightweight and compact when folded, making it easy to transport to various shooting locations. Many models come with a padded carrying case or bag for protection during transit.

Overall, the CAMERA STAND VCT 860 is a versatile and reliable tripod that offers professional-grade performance for photographers and videographers seeking stability, precision, and ease of use in their shooting endeavors

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