Snare Drum Set 14 inch

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The snare drum is a crucial component of a drum kit and is known for its distinct, crisp sound. The 14-inch snare drum is a popular size in the world of drums, commonly used in various musical genres. The snare drum is a crucial component of a drum kit, and a 14-inch snare drum is a popular size.

Snare Drum

KSh 17,000

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Snare Drum Set 14 inch


The snare drum is a crucial component of a drum kit and is known for its distinct, crisp sound. Here is some information about a typical 14-inch snare drum:

  1. Size:
    • The 14-inch size refers to the diameter of the drum head. This is a standard size for snare drums and is widely used in various genres of music.
  2. Material:
    • Snare drums can be made from a variety of materials, each offering a unique tone. Common materials include wood (such as maple, birch, or mahogany), metal (like steel, brass, or aluminum), and acrylic. The material used can significantly impact the drum’s sound.
  3. Shell Construction:
    • The construction of the drum shell affects its resonance and tonal characteristics. Snare drums can have single-ply or multi-ply shells. Single-ply shells are known for their sensitivity and responsiveness, while multi-ply shells provide a more focused and controlled sound.
  4. Snare Wires:
    • The distinctive sound of a snare drum is produced by the snare wires, which are stretched across the bottom head. These wires create a buzzing or rattling sound when the drum is played. Snare wires can vary in the number of strands and materials used.
  5. Tuning:
    • Tuning the top and bottom heads of the snare drum can significantly alter its sound. Drummers often experiment with different tunings to achieve the desired pitch and resonance for a particular musical style.
  6. Throw-off Mechanism:
    • The throw-off is a device that allows the snare wires to be engaged or disengaged quickly. This feature is crucial for changing between a “snappy” snare sound and a “looser” sound, depending on the drummer’s preferences and the musical context.
  7. Sound Characteristics:
    • A 14-inch snare drum generally produces a balanced sound with a good mix of sensitivity, projection, and a sharp attack. The specific characteristics will depend on factors like shell material, depth, and tuning.
  8. Versatility:
    • The 14-inch snare drum is versatile and can be used in various genres, including rock, pop, jazz, and more. Its medium size makes it a popular choice for drummers looking for an all-around snare drum.
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