Vic Firth American Jazz 2 Drumsticks

KSh 3,500

  • The AJ2 takes a 5A shaft and extends the taper for more rebound
  • Thin neck allows for more finesse and lighter touch
  • Crafted from premium USA Hickory
Vic Firth American Jazz 2

KSh 3,500

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Vic Firth American Jazz 2 Drumsticks

Developed for the player who is looking for ultimate rebound on the drums and cymbals, the American Jazz line is comprised of six models which feature a long taper in the shaft for that great feel! The neck specifications are sizable enough to create dark cymbal sounds, and the small tear drop tip keeps everything in focus.

Here’s a general description of Vic Firth American Jazz 2 Drumsticks:

  1. Brand: Vic Firth is a well-established and respected brand in the drumming industry, known for producing high-quality drumsticks and percussion accessories.
  2. Model: American Jazz 2 is a specific model designed with characteristics suitable for jazz drumming. The “2” designation may refer to a particular size or taper within the American Jazz series.
  3. Size and Weight: Drumsticks within the American Jazz series often feature a smaller diameter and a longer length compared to standard drumsticks. This design is tailored to the nuanced playing styles and dynamics of jazz drumming.
  4. Material: Drumsticks are commonly made from hickory wood for its durability and resilience. Vic Firth is known for using high-quality materials in their drumsticks to ensure consistent performance.
  5. Tip Shape: The tip shape is crucial for defining the sound and articulation of the drumstick. Drumsticks in the American Jazz series typically feature a smaller, round or barrel-shaped tip. This design allows for a more controlled and articulate response on cymbals and drums.
  6. Taper: The taper of the drumstick refers to the gradual reduction in diameter from the shoulder to the tip. Jazz drumsticks often have a longer, more gradual taper, providing a lighter feel and enhanced rebound.
  7. Finish: Drumsticks may have a specific finish for grip and comfort. The American Jazz series may feature a lacquer or other finish to provide an ideal balance of grip without being overly sticky.
  8. Versatility: While designed with jazz drumming in mind, some drummers may find the American Jazz 2 sticks suitable for various low-volume playing situations and music genres where a lighter touch and finesse are required.
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