Soundmaster 24-ch Plain Mixer MG24/14FX 1 Year Warranty

KSh 105,000

The Soundmaster 24-ch Plain Mixer MG24/14FX  is Full-Featured Sound Reinforcement Consoles With Capacity And Capabilities That Can Handle Demanding Live Sound Applications. Choose The 24-Input MG24/14FX  According To The Number Of Sources You Need To Handle. All Other Features Are The Same, Including Two Renowned Soundmaster SPX Effect Processors Built In. Extensive Routing Capability Is Also Provided For Monitoring And External Signal Processing, As Required By Your Application.

Soundmaster 24-ch Plain

KSh 105,000

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Soundmaster 24-ch Plain Mixer MG24/14FX

The Soundmaster MG24/14FX is a 24-channel analog mixer designed for professional audio mixing applications, including live sound reinforcement, recording studios, theaters, houses of worship, and more. Here’s a detailed description of its features and capabilities:

  1. Number of Channels: The mixer features 24 input channels, allowing you to connect a wide range of audio sources such as microphones, instruments, playback devices, and more.
  2. Analog Mixer: The MG24/14FX is an analog mixer, meaning it processes audio signals using analog circuitry rather than digital processing. Analog mixers are valued for their warm sound and intuitive operation.
  3. Microphone Preamps: Each channel is equipped with a high-quality microphone preamplifier, providing clean gain and phantom power for condenser microphones if needed. These preamps ensure that microphone signals are brought up to line level for processing and mixing.
  4. Input Options: The mixer offers various input options for each channel, including XLR inputs for microphones and 1/4″ TRS or TS inputs for line-level signals from instruments or other audio sources. Some channels may also feature stereo input options for connecting stereo devices.
  5. Equalization: Built-in equalization allows you to adjust the tonal balance of individual inputs. This typically includes controls for adjusting bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, providing flexibility in shaping the sound to suit your preferences or the acoustics of the venue.
  6. Built-in Effects: The MG24/14FX includes a digital effects processor with a variety of effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, and more. These effects can be applied to individual channels or to the overall mix, adding depth and ambiance to your audio.
  7. Auxiliary Sends: The mixer features auxiliary sends for routing signals to external effects processors, stage monitors, or other destinations. This allows you to create separate mixes for different purposes, such as effects processing or stage monitoring.
  8. Group Outputs: The mixer may include group outputs for routing multiple channels to a single fader for easier control and mixing of related audio sources. This can be particularly useful for grouping instruments or vocals together for more efficient mixing.
  9. Subgroup Outputs: Subgroup outputs allow you to route multiple channels to a single fader for further processing or routing. This can be useful for creating submixes or sending specific groups of channels to external devices.
  10. Main Outputs: The mixer includes main stereo outputs for connecting to external amplifiers or recording devices. This allows you to send the mixed audio signal to speakers or recording equipment for distribution or archival purposes.
  11. Monitor Outputs: The mixer may offer monitor outputs for connecting stage monitors or in-ear monitoring systems. This allows performers to hear themselves and other sources clearly during live performances or rehearsals.
  12. Direct Outputs: Some channels may feature direct outputs for connecting to external recording devices or for sending individual channel signals to external processing equipment.
  13. Rugged Construction: Soundmasternmixers are known for their durable construction, featuring high-quality components and robust chassis designs that can withstand the rigors of live performance and touring.
  14. Intuitive Controls: The mixer features user-friendly controls, such as faders, knobs, and buttons, for adjusting levels, settings, and effects. This makes it easy for both beginners and experienced users to operate the mixer effectively.
  15. Versatile Connectivity: In addition to the various input and output options mentioned above, the mixer may offer additional connectivity options such as RCA inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, and more.

Overall, the Soundmaster MG24/14FX is a versatile and feature-rich mixer suitable for a wide range of audio mixing applications. Its combination of analog warmth, digital processing capabilities, and comprehensive connectivity options makes it a popular choice among audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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