ADAM Audio T7V 7″ Studio Monitor

KSh 55,000

The ADAM Audio T7V is a 2-way active studio monitor designed for nearfield monitoring in professional audio production environments.

ADAM Audio

KSh 55,000

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ADAM Audio T7V 2-Way 7″ Nearfield Active Studio Monitor

The ADAM Audio T7V is a pair of 2-way active studio monitors designed for nearfield monitoring in professional audio production environments. Here are some key features and characteristics of the ADAM Audio T7V:

  1. Nearfield Monitoring: The T7V is designed for close-range monitoring, making it suitable for use in small to medium-sized studios where the listener is in close proximity to the speakers.
  2. Active Design: The monitors are active, meaning they have built-in amplifiers for both the tweeter and the woofer. This eliminates the need for external amplifiers and ensures that the amplification is optimized for the specific drivers.
  3. Two-Way Design: The monitors feature a two-way speaker design with a 7-inch woofer and a tweeter. This design is common in studio monitors and helps provide a balanced frequency response.
  4. Polypropylene Woofer: The T7V is equipped with a 7-inch polypropylene woofer. Polypropylene is a material known for its durability and ability to reproduce accurate low-frequency sounds.
  5. U-ART Tweeter: ADAM Audio’s Accelerating Ribbon Technology (U-ART) tweeter is known for its ability to provide detailed and extended high-frequency reproduction. It uses a folded diaphragm to increase efficiency.
  6. Frequency Response: The monitors typically have a frequency response that covers a wide range of frequencies, allowing for accurate monitoring of both low and high-frequency content.
  7. Front-Ported Design: The front-ported design allows for flexibility in speaker placement, making it easier to position the monitors in various studio setups without affecting bass response.
  8. Rear Panel Controls: The rear panel of each monitor may include controls for adjusting the input sensitivity, high-pass filter, and room EQ. These controls allow users to tailor the monitors to their specific studio environment.
  9. Powerful Amplification: The built-in amplifiers provide ample power to drive the speakers, ensuring a clean and accurate reproduction of audio signals.
  10. Applications: The T7V monitors are suitable for a range of audio production tasks, including mixing, mastering, and general studio monitoring. They are designed to provide a clear and balanced representation of audio content.

When using studio monitors, it’s important to consider the acoustics of the room and potentially use acoustic treatment to optimize the listening environment. Additionally, the choice of studio monitors is often subjective, and personal preferences may play a role in selecting the right monitors for a particular user.

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