Table Stand KONNECT TMS017

KSh 6,500

The TABLE STAND KONNECT TMS017 is a portable and adjustable stand designed to hold sheet music or music books securely in place for musicians while they perform or practice. It typically consists of a sturdy base, an adjustable support arm, and a platform where the sheet music rests. The height and angle of the platform can usually be adjusted to suit the preferences of the musician. These stands are commonly used by musicians of all levels during rehearsals, performances, or practice sessions to keep their sheet music organized and easily readable while playing instruments or singing

Book Stand TMS001

KSh 6,500

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Table Stand KONNECT TMS017

A Table Stand KONNECT TMS017, is a piece of equipment commonly used by musicians to support and display sheet music, books, or other materials while playing an instrument or singing. While I cannot provide detailed specifications for the TMS017 model specifically, I can describe the common features and components you might find in such a product:

  1. Materials: Music sheet table stands are typically made of lightweight yet sturdy materials such as metal (usually aluminum or steel), plastic, or wood. The choice of material affects durability, weight, and aesthetics.
  2. Adjustability: Most music stands are adjustable to accommodate various heights and viewing angles. This adjustability allows musicians to set the stand to a comfortable height and angle for optimal viewing while seated or standing.
  3. Desk Size: The desk portion of the stand, where the sheet music rests, varies in size. It should be large enough to hold standard-sized sheet music or books comfortably. Some stands have larger desks to accommodate multiple sheets or thicker books.
  4. Desk Angle: The angle of the desk is usually adjustable to allow for different viewing angles. This feature enables musicians to customize the angle of the sheet music for better visibility while playing.
  5. Collapsibility and Portability: Many music stands are designed to be collapsible for easy transportation and storage. They often feature folding legs or a telescoping design that allows the stand to be compacted into a smaller size when not in use.
  6. Stability: A stable base is essential to prevent the stand from tipping over while holding sheet music. Stands typically have tripod legs or a weighted base to ensure stability, especially when supporting heavier books or multiple sheets of music.
  7. Extras: Some music stands may include additional features such as storage compartments for accessories like pencils or tuning forks, clips to hold pages in place on windy days or during outdoor performances, or lights to illuminate the sheet music in low-light conditions.
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