Remo 18inch Batter Controlled Sound Clear Black Dot Top CS-0318-20

KSh 9,800


The Remo CS-0318-20 18-inch Batter Controlled Sound Clear Black Dot Top is a drumhead designed for drummers seeking durability, control, and a focused sound. Here’s a breakdown of its features and benefits


KSh 9,800

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The Remo CS-0318-20 18-inch Batter Controlled Sound Clear Black Dot Top is a drumhead designed for drummers seeking durability, control, and a focused sound. Here’s a breakdown of its features and benefits:

  1. Size: The 18-inch diameter makes it suitable for larger drums, typically floor toms or bass drums, providing a deep and resonant tone.
  2. Batter Head: The Controlled Sound design means it offers enhanced control over the drum’s resonance and overtones. This is particularly useful for drummers who want a more focused sound with reduced sustain.
  3. Clear Design: The clear drumhead allows for a more articulate attack and provides greater clarity in sound production. This is especially desirable for genres like rock or metal where precise articulation is key.
  4. Black Dot: The addition of a black dot on the top enhances durability and focus by reinforcing the area where the drumstick strikes most frequently. This ensures longevity and consistent performance even after prolonged use.
  5. Versatility: While commonly used on toms and bass drums, this drumhead can also be suitable for other applications depending on the drummer’s preference and the desired sound outcome.
  6. Construction: Remo is known for using high-quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques to ensure consistency and reliability across their product line. This drumhead is likely crafted with these standards in mind, providing durability and performance under various playing conditions.
  7. Compatibility: It’s essential to ensure compatibility with your drum shell size and hoop type. The 18-inch diameter suggests it’s designed for drums with matching dimensions, but double-checking compatibility with your specific drum model is advisable.
  8. Sound Characteristic: With its controlled sound and focus, this drumhead is likely to produce a punchy attack with controlled sustain, making it suitable for various musical styles and environments.

Remo Controlled Sound Clear 18 Inch Drumhead with Top Black Dot


The Remo Controlled Sound Clear features a black dot on the topside to give more focus and attack, while still allowing for a nice amount of sustain. This drumhead has a bright and full sound, with good projection and durability. The Controlled Sound Clear is perfect for toms, or as a snare drum batter head.

The Remo Controlled Sound Clear is made with a single ply of 10 mil film, and a 5 mil top centre control dot. These drumheads are the brightest of the Controlled Sound range, and will give a good cutting projection. The thinner single ply construction allows for good responsiveness, with a nice sustain. The 5 mil centre control dot means overtones won’t get out of control, and allows these drumheads to be hit harder and last longer.

The Remo Controlled Sound Clear is an excellent choice for toms if you want a bright, full, and projecting sound, without excessive overtones. These drumheads also perform well as a snare drums batter head if you don’t plan on using brushes. They have a nice cutting projection and moderate sustain, with ringing controlled by the centre dot.



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